Young Carers Challenge

Our Challenge is that every school in England will …

Have a Young Carers Champion in school so that every young carer has a trusted adult in school they can go to if things are difficult, or they need more support.

Raise awareness of young carers with staff and pupils to help ensure young carers are identified and they know what support is available.

Have a young carers agreement / policy (ideally designed with young carers) so that every young carer knows what support is available to them in their school.

Ensure young carers are correctly identified in their school pupil information system, monitor indicators such as attendance and attainment alongside other potentially vulnerable groups of pupils and include young carers within enrolment/transitions processes.

Have linked in with their local young carer service so they know what support is available for young carers outside of school.

Why is it important that schools participate?

  • Young carers were added to the school census in England for the first time in Spring 2023. This change is something which Carers Trust, The Children’s Society and other charities have long called for in order to improve the identification and support for young carers in schools.
  • But the 2023 and 2024 results show just how much still needs to be done to make sure that every young carer has the support they need to thrive in education and have the same opportunities as other young people.
  • The 2024 data showed that 72% of schools (down from 79% in 2023) reported that they had no young carers in their schools – we know this is simply not the case.
  • Young carers regularly tell us that one of their top priorities is better recognition and support for young carers in school, and that support available shouldn’t depend on where young carers live or what school they attend. We could not agree more – we believe in a society where every young carer feels recognised and supported in school.
  • For this reason, and because of the ever-increasing evidence about the impact caring responsibilities can have on attendance and attainment, Carers Trust, The Children’s Society and other members of the Young Carers Alliance are marking the start of the new school year by launching a Young Carers Challenge for schools.

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The role of a Young Carers Champion & raising awareness with staff and pupils

Creating a young carers policy/supporting young carers

Using data in relation to young carers

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The Young Carers in Schools Guide has a range of resources to support your commitment to the Young Carers Challenge. Tools include:

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