Young Carers Challenge Scotland

Our Challenge is that every school in Scotland will …

Have a Young Carers Champion in school so that every young carer has a trusted adult in school they can go to if things are difficult, or they need more support.

All school staff undertake Young Carers Awareness Training (either in person from local young carers service, local online resource or complete Education Scotland/Carers Trust Scotland Professional Learning Activity e-module).

Have a young carers charter/policy ideally designed with young carers (which includes details of how to refer to local carer organisations and details of local Young Carer Statement processes) so that every young carer knows what support is available to them in their school.

Ensure young carers are correctly recorded on school system (SEEMiS) as a young carer. This will allow young carers to access the vital support they are entitled to and not have to repeat their story.

Have partnership links with local carer organisations so education staff and young carers know what support is available to them.

Why is it important that schools participate?

  • The Scottish Government recognise that there are at least 30,000 young carers in Scotland, however the number of young carers recorded in schools across Scotland is just over 5000. Research carried out by Carers Trust and local young carers services show that 1 in 5 children in a class has caring responsibilities.
  • Carers Trust Scotland recently carried out their annual young carers survey, “Being a young carer is not a choice, it’s just what we do. Results highlighted that;
    – 52% ‘always’ or ‘usually’ feel stressed because of being a young carer or young adult carer.
    – 49% of respondents in Scotland said that they never or do not often get help in school, college or university to balance caring and education work, with a third of overall respondents saying they usually or always struggle with that balance.
    32% of respondents I Scotland said there is not often or never someone at their school, college or university who understands about them being a carer
  • Results show just how much still needs to be done to make sure that every young carer has the support they need to thrive in education and have the same opportunities as other young people.
  • Young carers regularly tell us that one of their top priorities is better recognition and support for young carers in school, and that support available shouldn’t depend on where young carers live or what school they attend. We could not agree more – we believe in a society where every young carer feels recognised and supported in school.
  • For this reason, and because of the ever-increasing evidence about the impact caring responsibilities can have on attendance and attainment, Carers Trust and members of the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance are launching a Young Carers Challenge for schools.

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Young Carers in Education A Resource on Identifying and Supporting Young Carers in Education


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