The Award

The Young Carers in Schools Award:

  • Provides the unique opportunity for your school to gain recognition from leading charities for your good practice.
  • Demonstrates your school is meeting the needs of this vulnerable pupil group, specifically mentioned in Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework, introduced in September 2015.
  • Is broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold level, creating an easy to follow framework so that you can easily prioritise what to do next to increase identification and improve outcomes.

How can my schools gain a Young Carers in Schools Award?

To gain your Award, schools are asked to show they meet five Young Carers Standards at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

A key first step for all schools intending to submit an Award application is to fill in a Baseline Review. Completing a Baseline Review is an easy way to reflect on the current practice within your school. It also provides a way for you to create an action plan for ongoing work, and keep a record of how your provision is developing.

The Baseline Review allows you to highlight which areas of your school’s young carer provision is ‘Green: Already in place’; ‘Amber: Partially in place/Some work needed’; or ‘Red: Not yet in place’. (A RAG review).

You can also send your completed Baseline Review to this will:

  • Act as a ‘place holder’ and lets us know to expect your application.
  • Allow us to collect baseline data so that we can assess the positive impacts of the programme.

What support is available to help me achieve a Young Carers in Schools Award?

A range of support is available to make applying for and achieving an Award as easy as possible:

  • The Award Guidance provides a clear outline of essential evidence for each criteria.
  • Follow these simple 5 steps to make it as easy as possible to apply for an Award.
  • Watch our series of Bronze and Silver webinars which unpick the award criteria, share good practice, and valuable advice.
  • Access our essential video about the award process, containing top tips that will ensure your application is successful.
  • Each criterion is supported by a tool, template, checklist, or exemplar in our Step-by-step Guide, so no school has to start from scratch.
  • Young Carers in Schools – A guide to evidencing the award, breaks down the five standards of the Award, and highlights the essential evidence required to achieve each standard, using examples drawn from successful applications.
  • Local young carers services can also greatly enhance school support for young carers and can often facilitate the identification of young carers. Find out more and find your local young carer service.

Why should I submit an Award application as soon as possible?

As our capacity to review applications for each Award deadline is limited, we recommend that all schools should look to make an application at the earliest opportunity, to ensure it can be reviewed and awarded as soon as possible.

Download your Award Checklist.