Step-by-step Guide

Supporting Young Carers: A Step-by-step Guide for Leaders, Teachers and Non-teaching staff sets out ten key steps to help schools identify young carers and increase their outcomes. Each step is accompanied by key information and practical tools, which schools can use and adapt to suit their school structure and local circumstances.

Developed with teachers and school staff who understand the pressures that schools face to deliver the very wide range of demands placed upon them,  the Step-by-step Guide is designed to be as flexible and helpful as possible.

Not all schools will need to use all the tools included.  Some may find it more helpful to choose those that will help enhance the support they already offer to young carers and their families while other will want to simply start and build their activities over a number of years.

To find out which tools your school might find most useful, The  Baseline Review is the best place to start.

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