Resources & CPD

Young Carers in Schools programme offers schools a wide range of free support to make increasing identification, improving outcomes, and gaining a Young Carers in Schools Award as easy as possible.

Developed in association with teachers and school staff who understand the pressures that schools face to deliver the very wide range of demands placed upon them, this support is designed to be as flexible and helpful as possible and includes

  • Covid-19 guidance so that this particularly vulnerable group are supported.
  • A baseline review: enabling you to prioritise what to do next, this tool contains helpful signposts to the programme materials most relevant and useful to you.
  • Supporting Young Carers in Schools: A Step-by-step Guide for School Leaders, Teachers and Non-teaching Staff: helping you step by step, this recourse contains essential tools, templates and guidance. With a tool for each step, no school needs to start from scratch.
  • Webinars and videos: providing unmissable, expert advice from award-winning schools, unpicking hot topics, and highlighting key guidance on how to apply successfully for a Young Carers in Schools Award.
  • Termly e-newsletters: spotlighting key policy documents and new resources, and the very latest programme news.

We are currently reviewing all of the tools for Young Carers in Schools. If you would like to be a part of this process, please contact Carers Trust.