The Queen’s Trust

The Queen’s Trust was established in 1977 for one principal purpose: to help young people help QTothers. Over the years we have invested over £80m in charities which give young people the opportunity to do so, and in ways that lead to positive life choices and chances and benefit society in the long term.

In working with smart organisations that know what they want to achieve and have the capability to get there, our funds can make a real difference. The beneficiaries of our investment are found in communities disadvantaged through ill-health, socioeconomic or domestic circumstances, lack of advice, educational underachievement or long-term unemployment.

In our work we encounter extraordinary young people, all with stories to tell of courage, friendship, generosity, tenacity and achievement sometimes against the odds. All share one thing – the desire to use their experience to help others. We hope that our website provides further insight into the valuable causes we support, and why.