Top Tips & Shout Outs!

The days are shortening, and autumn is creeping closer. As we all start hunkering down for the long nights, let’s welcome October with some practical tips, and well-earned praise.

Hello October Background

Applying for your YCiS Award

The three most important documents when applying for your Young Carers in Schools Award, are the Award Pack – a full guide to support schools to implement and evidence a Young Carers in Schools Award, containing a step by step guide to the process and a comprehensive checklist of required evidence; the Award Checklist – an editable checklist to keep track of evidence gathered and to submit alongside your application; and A guide to evidencing the Bronze Award, which breaks down the essential evidence required to achieve the Bronze Award using examples drawn from successful applications and provides ‘top tips’ for presenting the evidence.


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If (like me!) you like a good ‘to do’ list, with structured priorities, then keep in mind the following when collating your evidence:

  • Confidentiality and data protection – please do not submit any evidence which could be used to identify a young person. This includes names, faces, personal data – everything covered by GDPR. We reserve the right to return, unmarked, any applications that contain information that may breach GDPR. If you’re not sure about how to evidence something in an anonymous way, please get in touch with us at
  • Clarity and accessibility – please ensure that all the evidence you send can be clearly seen and read by our verifiers. This, especially, means that pictures should be submitted as high-resolution jpegs, so they can be enlarged, and we can see the details. It is also helpful to ensure that any files and folders are clearly named so that verifiers can make sure that they are matching the correct piece of evidence with the correct Standard.
  • Context and situation – remember, you know your school very well, but new pupils, parents and the Young Carers in Schools team do not! Think about how information is laid out on noticeboards and websites – is it obvious which members of staff a parent can contact, and how? Do children know who and where to go to seek support? Can the Award verifiers tell who is an operational lead, and who is on the senior leadership team?

Submitting your evidence

When you are ready to send your evidence and apply for a YCiS Award, remember that we can only accept electronic applications – if you send us your application on paper we will have to return it, unmarked.

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The good news is that there are a number of ways to submit your application electronically:

  • USB/CD – you can load your evidence onto a USB stick or a CD and post it to us at

Young Carers in Schools

Unit 4, Calford House,

Wessex Business Park

Wessex Way

Colden Common

SO21 1WP

  • Email – you can email your evidence to us using However, please remember that large emails, or emails from an unknown source don’t always make it through firewalls. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, or you are not sure that we have received all your evidence, please do check.
  • File-sharing – you can use a service like WeTransfer, or other online storage like GoogleDrive or DropBox, but please check that the security of the site you use conforms to your school’s guidelines on such matters.

If you have any questions about how to submit your evidence, please get in touch.

Shout Outs

Over 200 schools have now achieved a Young Carers in Schools Award, you can see all of them on our Map of Awarded Schools, including those schools who have achieved their Award over the summer holidays.

A great big Young Carers in Schools congratulations to Bardney Primary School, Lincolnshire, Berrycoombe School, Cornwall, Cale Green Primary School, Stockport, Cox Green School, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Fairfield High School for Girls, Tameside, Falconer’s Hill Academy, Northamptonshire, Holly Park Primary School, Barnet, Honley High School, Kirklees, Lemington Riverside Primary, Newcastle, Lincoln University Technical College, Lincolnshire, St. Anselm’s Catholic School, Kent, St. Faith’s C of E Infant School, Lincolnshire, Woodcote High School, Croydon, and York High School, North Yorkshire who have all received a BRONZE Young Carers in Schools Award.

And a big round of applause to Courthouse Green Primary School, Coventry, Courtwood Primary School, Croydon, and Tor Bridge Primary School, Plymouth who have all achieved a SILVER Award.


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